Maria Chatzinikolaki is an emerging ceramic artist whose beautiful ceramic forms stem from her impressions of Australian life, after emigrating from Greece in 2007.   Her background in interior and graphic design has embellished her love of intricate design and finely detailed patterns found both in nature and art history.  Her designs often beginning with a single dot, that then form into a line that evolves over the surface of the object.  The physicality of creating forms with clay enables her to be fully engaged and immersed with the subject.  Her most recent work “explores the daily concerns and thoughts about all sorts of relationships and how they work, how everything in life is related and connected and how it makes more sense with the passing of time.”  Maria’s aim for her work is “for people to be able to attach a part of themselves to my work and turn them into personal objects… I try to create forgotten feelings or memories."

Maria Chatzinikolaki was born in Greece but moved to Australia in 2007.  She has completed a Bachelor in Graphic Design and Interior Design, and worked as an Interior designer before she decided to focus on ceramic art.  After completing her Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in drawing and ceramics at TAFE, she has been actively involved in exhibiting in her home town of Adelaide.  In 2011 Maria was awarded the winner of the President Award, Craft South, Adelaide, and this year exhibited in the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize.


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