The perception and experience of spaces with a landscape are pivotal themes in Helen Geier’s work.  Schematic expressions of colour and pattern set up a tension between perceived and constructed space, bringing into question traditional notions of linear perspective.  Her most recent work reflects the turbulent times we are in at the moment, expressing her concern that  “there seems to be much breaking up of recognisable forms, bizarre assemblages and disruption of the natural order of things – climate change being just one aspect of global malaise. This sounds dark and ominous but, as always, I pay homage to art’s restorative qualities - beauty, balance, harmony and love of process.”  The layered materials, patterns and geometric motifs of Helen's imagery are drawn from a diverse range of visual resources, including the landscape, religion, architecture and textiles. Helen adopts these elements to explore how diverse cultural perceptions are linked through cross-cultural symbols.  For example, “the idea of a representative, emblematic body being projected onto the random patterns of the heavens or onto the features of a landscape is one that crosses ages and cultures.”  Helen also works according to the principles of classical balance and structure “ reveal the power and the beauty of the still point or moment when the dynamic and shifting internal forces achieve equilibrium.”

Helen Geier trained at Alexander Mackie College and the National Art School in Sydney and has post-graduate qualifications from St Martin's School of Art, London and RMIT University, Melbourne.  Helen lectured at the Canberra School of Art for fourteen years but now concentrates on her studio practice full-time.  Highly successful exhibitions in France, Singapore, New Zealand and India have added to her growing international profile.  Helen Geier’s work is represented in many collections including the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra), National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), Canberra Museum and Gallery, Artbank, Australian National University (Canberra), National Library of Australia (Canberra),  Lasalle Institute of the Arts (Singapore) and Yiyouzhai Art Museum (Shanghai).


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