Rona Green’s handcoloured linocuts and drawings explore the creation of identity through non-verbal communication such as body language, adornment and decoration.  With these tools, her animal subjects take on very human characteristics and attitudes.  Rona transforms familiar domestic pets into tattoo-covered thugs and punks, reflecting underground, suburban street culture.  Her rough and ready animals express a range of emotions and are full of personality. Some are provocative and menacing with their challenging stares, while others have jaded or apprehensive facial expressions revealing a comical helplessness.  While her works are simply rendered, her imagery has many layers and lends itself to reflection on the social issues of identity formation, including gender and class politics.   Rona’s animals are visual archetypes of social outcasts that combine her love for animals, her interest in portraying popular and sub cultures, and her appreciation of the ability of tattoos to visually record a person’s history or identity.

Rona Green has been exhibiting since 1994 and has received numerous prizes, including acquisitive awards at galleries in Geelong, Fremantle, and Swan Hill and, in 2006, the Silk Cut Award.  Rona has been engaged in teaching positions since 2000, and has travelled to Singapore, Borneo, Brunei, and most recently to the Netherlands and Romania.  Her prints are held in numerous collections, including Artbank, National Gallery of Australia, Charles Darwin University, Silk Cut Foundation, Chiang Mai Contemporary Art Museum (Thailand), Chicago Printmaking Collective (USA) London Print Studios (UK) and the University of Colorado (USA).


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