The etchings of Bruce Latimer explore evidence of human presence within the natural world in all of its varied manifestations.  Bruce’s compositions reflect the clash between the natural and man-made environments, often depicting the obtrusive presence of modern technology and machines within the natural landscape with a touch of irony.  From signs of gentle transit in the landscape through to significant domination of the natural world, Bruce looks for a “potent narrative where often-incongruous elements collide or where the parts are in equilibrium and harmony reigns”.  Eminent art critic and historian, Professor Sasha Grishin, has said that Bruce “has the rare ability, through the complete mastery of technique, to create wonderfully seductive images which are beautiful and captivating as art objects but which also carry a considerable punch.”  His etchings are both ethereal and intriguing with poignant details within his multi-tiered imagery that await discovery by the viewer.

Born in Sydney, Bruce Latimer gained his Diploma in Fine Arts in painting from the National Art School in 1973, then his Diploma of Education in Art the following year.  Since then, he has lectured in painting and printmaking at the Sydney College of the Arts and the National Art School as well as other institutions.  His work is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the state galleries of NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland and many Australian regional galleries, including Bathurst and Newcastle.  Bruce has also received international recognition through exhibitions in the USA and his work is included the National Gallery of New Zealand and the Noumea Art Gallery.



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