Adrian Lockhart’s paintings of studio interiors and abstract still life compositions embody a calm, sensual elegance that is created with great reverence to the basic elements of light, colour and shape.  They contain the kind of understanding of form and structure only available to the inveterate drawer, someone who has immersed himself in draughtsmanship before committing to paint.  An assured, flowing line and simplicity of form are consistent features of Adrian’s work and perfectly express his devotion to life, stillness and sensuality.  In his recent work, Adrian continues to explore the still life genre, the ‘nature morte’ of traditional painting.  The fullness of a bowl with its potential for sustenance and the endless cycle of its lip, the fecundity of a ripe pomegranate or the line of a figure all inspire Adrian and symbolise all that is full of life.  The intense involvement of light, colour and compositon is palpable in his paintings which have a unique harmony and balance, and evoke a tenderness of outlook.  For Adrian, it is essential that his canvases convey stillness and quiet; a space in our daily lives where we can catch our breath.
Adrian Lockhart studied art at Launceston Technical College, Tasmania before moving to Sydney in 1970.  He has been exhibiting in solo and group shows regularly across Australia and in California, USA since 1973.  His work is represented in many collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Kedumba Drawing Collection and New England Regional Art Museum as well as corporate collections in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Asia, New Zealand and the USA. 


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