Working primarily in porcelain, Keiko pays close attention to the functionality as well as sculptural aspects of her works.  Her vessels are influenced by the Japanese technique of 'Kintsugi' which honours the damage and subsequent visible mending of functional objects as part of their story.  During the making process, Keiko purposefully cuts and re-joins sections of her fine porcelain forms, altering and reforming, creating scars which allude to the fragility of our being. In her most recent work, she has also introduced small areas of interest with gold and silver powders.   She is drawn to white, one of the most absolute colours, for in Japan it is used to suggest purification and sacredness. Keiko says “I may not become rich being a potter, but I want to live with my passion until I die.  I wouldn’t nor couldn’t choose this occupation if I were living in Japan.  Australia is the place that gave me freedom and opportunity to find what I really love.”

Keiko Matsui is a Japanese born porcelain artist, now based on the Central Coast of NSW.  She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at the National Art School in Sydney and has exhibited throughout Australia.

Keiko Matsui

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