For over thirty years, the Australian landscape has been at the heart of Anita McIntyre’s ceramics.  Her porcelain paper clay forms and vessels evoke a true sense of place as she continues to explore narratives of journey through space and time. First hand observation and memories of certain landscapes are combined with historical and topographic references, allowing Anita to visually express her own very personal relationship with the land.  This relationship is always underpinned by a quiet acknowledgment of the deeply spiritual connection between the land and its indigenous owners.  Anita’s work has been inspired by locations that have a particular resonance to her family history and colonial ancestry with some work metaphorically positioning her in the middle of a compass, with the directions of north, south east and west transformed into her personal points of reference: “Canada will be my north; China will be east; the Kimberleys [my] Heart Country, my west; and the limestone plains [my] Home Country, my south”.  Her connection with the landscape, history and environment of these locations is depicted via an abstract language of text, gestural markings and cultural symbols, creating a distinct and profound impression of her journeys and experiences. 

Anita McIntyre studied ceramics at the Canberra School of Art, graduating in 1976.  She has travelled extensively across outback Australia and overseas, continually finding inspiration for her work.  She has been a long and active member of various arts boards and committees, including the Craft Council of the ACT, National Ceramic Award Committee, Strathnairn Arts Association, and most recently the board of the Belconnen Arts Centre.  Anita McIntyre’s work is represented in collections throughout Australia, including the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery and the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. Anita is currently a visiting fellow and lecturer in Ceramics at the Australian National University. 




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