A consummate printmaker, painter and drawer, John Pratt is primarily concerned with exploring how physical surroundings evoke various states of being - both of the mind and body.  His recent works on paper explore ideas of growth, transience and morality and are inspired by imagery found within a domestic garden setting.  As John explains, "While the suburban garden or yard is often reduced to the familiar or overlooked these drawings/prints through their intimate and close observation attempt to locate these 'fragments' within broader and more enduring themes".  John is masterful in exploiting the scope for strength and vitality offered by his chosen medium and he creates highly expressive and original works.

John Pratt is a highly regarded Canberra printmaker who has been exhibiting frequently in Australia and overseas for more than thirty years.  He is a lecturer in the Printmedia and Drawing workshop at the Canberra School of Art at the Australian National University.  John is represented in many collections, including the National Gallery of Australia, Queensland Art Gallery, State Library of NSW, Australian National University, Central Queensland University, Latrobe University, University of WA, Print Council of Australia and KPMG.


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