Melinda Schawel is a painter and printmaker who has always been drawn to the physicality of the creative process.  Although two-dimensional, sculptural elements are prominent in her work.  Melinda tears and rips the paper before building up the composition by further drawing, inking, stamping, drilling, erasing and perforating; “Regardless of the medium, the physicality of the process is extremely cathartic and allows me time to process some of the harsh realities of life but also more importantly to recognize the beautiful, delicate moments that appear in the most unexpected places.”

Born in Illinois, USA, Melinda Schawel received a Bachelor in Fine Art and Communication from the University of California Santa Barbara in 1993 and a Postgraduate Degree in Printmaking from RMIT in 1996.  She has exhibited regularly since 1995 and her work is represented in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank and the Royal Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp.


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