Swedish born ceramic artist, Ulrica Trulsson references the natural world in her pared back, elegant yet functional stoneware forms.  The “simplicity of shifting shapes and the interplay of surface textures and tones of colour” in her work create alluring individual pieces and compositions.  These unique effects come from closely observing details found in the earth and landscape, such as layers of sedimentary rock, currents of water, ice and stone.Ulricauses various stoneware clay bodies and glazes for her wheel thrown forms further exploring the potential of the materials during the firing process.  Within this process, she is able to enhance and deepencolours, often enjoying the way the iron in the clay forms speckles across the surface.  It is the intriguing nature of these surface textures and tonesand their reference to the landscape which imbue her works with a sense of wonder.  Often, Ulrica arranges her objects in harmonious still life arrangements, exploring the various relationships between space,colour and form.   As Ulrica says of her work; “I am indeed hopeful my wheel thrown functional objects will be imbued with a sense of curiosity in the ordinary.With this I hope to capture the viewer’s attention to stay in the present just for a moment.”

Ulrica began her studies in ceramics at Holmesglen in Melbourne where she completed her Diploma of Ceramics.  She moved to Adelaide in 2012 to undertake the JamFactory’s Associate Training Program, continuing her studies under renowned ceramicists including Prue Venables and Kirsten Coelho.  In 2014, Ulrica was awarded a highly commended in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize and was the recipient of the JamFactory’s South Australian Emerging Designer award in 2013.

Ulrica Trulsson


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